Event Management

Participation & promotion

Engage targeted communities in your sporting event. An active population in sporting events is a healthy, and also productive population. Moreover, the cost of inactivity is immense, as healthcare costs are on the rise. We assist local, regional and national organizations in engaging communities into sporting events and the effective delivery of sporting events and projects.

Providing Strategic Advice & Analysis

Providing strategic advice and analysis in order to maximize participation in our client event, identifying the target audience, which may vary depending on the type and nature of the event, ie – private club or public school community events and projects, all must be aimed at a specific age group, demographic, gender or community population, regardless, the goals remain the same – to mobilize the audience, to generate participation and achieve results.

The approach in developing an effective event or project is based on consideration in three key areas depending on the target group and objectives that are set:


How can the programming of the event be tailored to suit and attract defined target groups?


How can facilities be used or developed to encourage participation of target groups?


What platforms, channels and supplementary additions can motivate the target group to act?

Execution & Management

Develop, host, attract and utilize Events, special events, significant community projects, and professional sporting franchises to achieve economic, relationship orientated or marketing objectives.  We advise organizations, municipalities and governing bodies on the effective utilization of hosting and utilizing a sporting event, project, or partnership to achieve their economic, social and marketing objectives.

We provide our clients with the full service management, guidance, advice and tools to effectively secure and execute a valuable and rewarding event, in order to raise their profile throughout the community and sporting market place.  Planning the necessary prospective, proposals, operational preparations and securing venues to attract partner sports groups or events, which will have the synergies, deliver the impact and messaging, and leave a recognizable footprint.

Our services related to hosting and managing events, projects and professional sporting partnerships are flexible, due to the vast scope of opportunities available in a variety of models.  This flexible approach is  essential, in order to allow us to provide a tailor made service, having established our clients actual needs, and desired results, we will begin implementing the components of our strategy towards a successful outcome.